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backgammon galaxy

The best site to play online backgammon offering play money AND real money matches.

For the last 4 years or so I’ve been working as an art director on Backgammon Galaxy together with my friends Marc Olsen and Tue Rasmussen. It has grown to become the greatest site for online backgammon and in the real world the community surrounding Backgammon Galaxy has also grown and is continually growing.

The site has some amazing features such as:

  • XG analysis after each match so you can review your game and learn from your mistakes.
  • In-game chat so you can talk with your opponent.
  • Different board colors
  • Tournaments
  • The option to play for real money
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I’m working on a new hybrid game called Hackgammon which is an add-on to backgammon. It consists of more than 50 unique cards (or “hacks”) with which you can make some really fun new moves. Stay tuned for more!

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Sælges: Lydboks/Vokalrum (Vocal Booth)



lydboks-vokalrum-03 lydboks-vokalrum-04

Jeg sælger min hjemmelavede lydboks. Som det ses på billederne, er pladerne ikke sat sammen, hvilket gør det meget fleksibelt at flytte rundt på dem som man har lyst til. Hver plade måler ca 1 x 2 meter og stiller man en mikrofon ind i rummet og optager derinde, så elimineres enhver form for rumklang. Lyden bliver fuldstændig ren.


Skelet: Træramme
Bagbeklædning: Masonitplade
Stof: Plantedug
Indmad: Knauff Ecobatt 45 mm

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Farvel Facebook


Jeg har deaktiveret min Facebook-konto på ubestemt tid. Hvis I vil i kontakt med mig, så er i velkomne til at ringe, sms’e eller maile.

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Thunderbolt and MacBook Pro

These goodies arrived today and I’m super exited to finally get a hardware upgrade. I’m still setting up everything – always takes way longer than expected but I’m getting there. Adobe CS6 + updates are all installed and now I’m setting up Mail accounts, multiple Dropboxes and what have we… So wasted right now. Wasted but happy.

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